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A pot-pourri of tamil-related Web pages - page 5
(A comprehensive listing of Websites of interest to Tamil Diaspora)
Page-5 : Sites on Tamil Cinema, Actors, Actresses, Tamil Radio, and Television Stations on the Net and on Satellite

Page-5 (Sites on Tamil Cinema, Actors, Actresses, Tamil Radio, and Television Stations on the Net and on Satellite )

The tamil web sites collection has become fairly extensive (>1000), necessitating its presentation in groups over several pages. Various topics under which the tamil websites are grouped are listed on the left bar. You can click on individual topics to go directly to the collections of pointers of web sites in that particular area.

I do make an effort to check the validity of web-pointers listed here periodically. Unfortunately most of the websites have a tendency to move around. If you do find some of the pointers no-longer or sites moved to a new place, please send me a note by email.

Disclaimer: The following collection of tamil websites is presented as a public service.
I am in NO WAY CONNECTED OR RESPONSIBLE for the contents of these web sites!!!

Listing Page -1
  Tamil Portal Sites
  TN Govt & Municipalities
  Cities of Tamilnadu

Listing Page - 2

Music and Dance
  Portal sites on Music
  Carnatic Music - Vocal
  Carnatic Music - Veena
  Carnatic Music - Violin
  Carnatic Music - Flute
  Carnatic Music - Mridangam,..
  Dance - Portal sites
  Bharathanatyam- Dancers
  Tamil culture - Kolam

Listing Page - 3

  Hindu Temples Online
  Religion & Philosophy
  Tamil Radio & TV

Listing Page - 4

  Newspapers & Magazines
  Search Engines
  Etext resources
  E-Discussion Lists
  Tamil Learning Online
  Tamil calender online
  Greeting Cards

Listing Page - 5

  Tamil Cinema Portal sites
  Cinema Actors, Actresses,...
  Cinema Songs online
  Tamil Radio & TV

Listing Page - 6

  Educ. Institutions
  Sangams, Mandrams, Societies,..
  Sri Lankan websites
  Tamil Muslim Sites
  Educ. Institutions

Listing Page - 7
Tamil Businesses on the Net

  Internet Service
  Internet Cafe
  Computer hardware, software
  Bookshops Onlines
  Banks online
  Garments, Textiles
  Paintings, sculptures,..

Topics: Websites on Tamil Cinema, Tamil Movies, Tamil Movie Actors and Actresses, Tamil Cinema News, Photogallery, Tamil Film Music, Tamil Film Songs, MP3 Songs, free download,

Sites on Tamil cinema
Sites with audio files of Tamil film songs

Sites of Tamil Movie Actors, Actresses, Directors,...
Tamil Radio, TV programs

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