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Books on Carnatic Music and Dance of South India
(of CBH Publications, Nagercoil, South India)

The following is a short collection of books on Carnatic Music and Dance of South India, published by CBH Publications of Nagercoil, South India.

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Disclaimer: The information in this page is provided purely as a service to the tamil community. I have no relations whatsoever with the publisher. If you know of other books on Carnatic Music and Dance, I would be happy to include info. in these pages.

Books on Carnatic Music

  • Ragas in Carnatic Music
    Dr. S.Bhagyalekshmi. M.A. Ph.D
    More than 450 popular ragas in Carnatic music have been compiled in this volume. Each raga has been explained in detail with its svara notation, Arohana, Avarohana, Melakartha and Janya parentage, Raga Lakshana, and visesha sanchara. Each raga contains details about the compositions available in each raga with the name of the composer and tala.
    $ The Introductory chapters contain an exhaustive material on history and Development of Ragas, The Second chapter makes an evaluation of the Srutis and Svara, the technical details of Sruti and Svara starting from its nomenclature, gamakas and its usage. The third Chapter Mela classification covers the evolution of different Mela padhathis. In the fourth chapter Janya Raga classification the ragas have been classified exhaustively. The fifth chapter traces the Ragas in other systems of Music like Hindustani Music, Tamil Music, Kathakali Music etc.. In the Last chapter on Ragalakshana each raga has been analysed exhaustively. More than 6000 compositions available in different ragas in Carnatic Music have been indexed for each raga. An essential book for all lovers of Carnatic Music. An essential basic reference book for everyone interested in Carnatic Music.
    1999 /5th reprint/ 406 pages/ ISBN 81 85 381 12 7 /$10.00

  • Muthuswamy Dikshitar Compositions
    Among the Music Trinity, though Muthuswamy Dikshitar was the youngest, he is considered as one of the great pillars of Carnatic Music. As a great vaggeyakara he has enriched the treasury of Karnatic Music with his large number of Kritis, apart from his group Kritis on different Deities and temples. In this volume a representative collection of his 40 compositions have been notated in English in simple form, with their text in English. The compositions have been selected in such a way that these portray the different aspects of his literary heritage and his portrayal of the different ragas. A Chaturdasa Ragamalika has also been added to make the selection more representative. An exhaustive introduction assesses the important contribution made by Muthuswamy Dikshitar to Karnatic Music including the literary heritage and various aspects of his music. A comprehensive index lists over 450 compositions made by Muthuswamy Dikshitar.
    1997/144 PAGES / ISBN 81 85 381 50 X / $5.00

    Pancharatnakritis of Tyagaraja
    In This Volume Tyagaraja's Pancharatna Kritis Has Been Duly Notated In English In Simple Form And With The Text In English. An Introduction Portrays The Important Aspect Of These Compositions As Well As The Contribution Made By Tyagaraja To Karnatic Music. An Important Asset For Any Music Lover. The Simple And Standard Notation Is Well Typeset For Easy Rendering By Learners Of The Compositions.
    1997/ 40 Pages/ ISBN 81 85 381 305 / $2.00

    Carnatic Music Compositions
    This book contains a comprehensive alphabetical index of about 7000 popular compositions in Carnatic music. Compositions like kritis, varnam. Utsavasampradaya kritis, gitam, tillana, pada varna etc. The entries have been arranged in alphabetical order listing the composition, the raga, the composer and tala. The book will be very much useful for musicians and the students alike. Can also be used as a ready reference for locating the songs, and other details relating to a composition.
    1998/2nd reprint/216 pages/81 85 381 40 2/$5.00

    Karnatic Music Reader
    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, Dr.M.N.Moorthy
    The present reader in Karnatic music is a systematic introduction to the study of Karnatic music. The reader in four parts covers the different musical forms in Karnatic music.
    In the first part, starting with simple introduction and the history of South Indian music, the book ventures into the teaching of fundamentals notes, Saralivarisas, Janta varisas, Alankaras, gitam, svarajathi and jathisvaram. The lessons have been arranged in simple notation. The second part covers the various aspects of varnam. The introduction gives a proper evaluation of various types of Varnam, and a note on different composers. The notation of about 40 different varna in adi tala, ata tala, and pada varna have been notated in simple form for easy rendering. The varnas have been selected to represent the best from various composers of Karnatic Music. The third part covers Kirtanas. A detailed introduction on Keertanas and various composers have been added. The notation of about 40 popular Kirtanas have been given in simple notation. Representative compositions of important composers has been selected. The fourth part covers the musical forms like daru varnam, padam, tillanas, tana varnas, javali, ragamalika, utsava sampradaya keertanas, tirupugazh, kavadi chindu etc. These compositions portray the varied facets of Karnatic music. All these forms have an introduction about them.
    The complete reader in 4 parts will be a compendium of musical forms of Karnatic music. The notation for the compositions have been made in simplest form possible so that the student learner can learn them with minimal effort. The selection of compositions have been made to cover representative composers of Karnatic music.
    Vol. 1. / 96 pages /isbn 81 85 381 46 1/1997
    Vol 2. varnas-an introduction to varnam, 35 adi tala varnas, 10 ata tala varnas, 10 pada varnas, .104 pages/isbn 81 85 381 47x/1997
    Vol 3.introduction to kirtanas, 40 kirtanas of various composers with text and simple notation 104pages/isbn 81 85 381 48 8/1997
    Vol 4. More kirtanas, daru varnas, padas, javali,tillana, ragamalika,Thevaram, tirupugazh, kuravanchi, divyanamakirtanas etc. / 128 pages/isbn 81 85 381 49 6/1997
    Price for 4 volumes $15.00

    Lakshnagrandhas in music
    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, M.A.,Ph.D
    In this volume an attempt has been made to study the 31 lakshana grandhas in Carnatic Music. Each chapter deals with a complete study of the Lakshanagrandha, starting with a brief introduction, evaluates the important contributions on each treatise. Separate chapter in the history and evolution of Lakshanagrandhas, Influence of Tamil Literature and Literature on Dance add importance to the basic understanding of Lakshana in Carnatic music and dramaturgy. Replete with tables, charts, figures, illustrations, etc.
    'Though each chapter has been devoted to Lakshanakara in a capsule form, the details are yet informative to those inclined to study the evolution of distinguishing feature of Carnatic Music se inclined to study the evolution of distinguishing feature of Carnatic Music System. 'The author has classified the period of Lakshanakaras under three secions, On the basis of this classif the period of Lakshanakaras under three sections, On the basis of this classification she has organised the chapter that follow devoted to the Lakshanakaras and their treatises. It is in this comprehensiveness of coverage that the book gains value. 'Dance Literature such as Abhinaya darpana is elaborate and it is pointed out that how this treatise deals more elaborately with Dance than Bharata's natya sastra.' (Review in the Hindu)
    1991/272 pages/81 85 381 13 5/$15.00

    Golden Treasury of Compositions of Tyagaraja
    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, M.A.,Ph.D
    Popular and selected compositions of Tyagaraja have been given in simple notation with the text of the songs in English. The notation has been given in simple form so that these songs can be learnt with minimal guidance and can be attempted as a self learning package as well. The compositions have selected in such a way that they portray the different ragas and compositions. Introduction of Tyagaraja's contribution to Karnatic Music has been given in the first chapter. An essential book for the learner as well as the connoisseur.
    ISBN 81 85 381 36 4 / 1999 / pages 96 / 2nd Reprint / $5.00

    Golden Treasury Of Compositions of Swathi Tirunal
    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, M.A.,Ph.D
    The great literary heritage brought through the ages have been applauded by every quarters which are evidenced by the compositions of Maharaja Swati Tirunal of Travancore. Maharaja Swati Tirunal was a great composer and his and his compositions are important addition to the wealth of Karnatic Music. In this volume 30 compositions of Maharaja Swati Tirunal have been given with simple notation and text of the songs in English. The notation has been given in simple form so that they can be learnt with minimal effort on the part of the learner. A ragamalika has also also been included to make the composition more representative of his contribution. Introductory chapter on the book gives book gives an exhaustive assessment of his contribution to Karnatic Music through his compositions.
    ISBN 81 85 381 194 /1999 / 2nd Reprint / 96 Pages $5.00

    Prahladabhakthi Vijayam of Tyagaraja
    Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy and M.Hariharan.
    The vast majority of songs composed by Tyagaraja has covered the entire Ramayana through his kritis. It would appear that the idea crossed his mind that he should do something also for an important incarnation preceding Ramavatara and also for an incarnation subsequent to Ramavatara. The result was the two Geya natakas, Prahlada Bhakti Bhakti Vijayam pertaining to Narasimhavatara and NowKacharitram pertaining to Krishnavatara. Among this three Geyanatakas,. Prahladabhakthibijayam is the most popular and well known. The text contains a critical study of the Opera and the complete text of the Prahladabhakti vijayam in English. An exhaustive and critical introduction evaluates the text PrahladaBhakthivijayam in all its literary,musical and philosophical context. An essential book for the complete understanding of Sanit Tyagaraja.
    81 85 381 437/1996/164 pages/$2.00

    Madhura Kala
    Dr.M.Hariharan, and Lakshminarasimhan.
    The present volume contains contributions from eminent musicians and musicologists in the field of music and Dance, Performing arts. The article portray the different facets of the theory of music, the tradition of Music and its performance, the science of Music, the concept of voice and Rhythm, the dance in its many splendours. The last section on Miscellany traces the technical aspects of Tolkappiyam, Meaning in Indian sculpture, Folk songs and folklore. In total these articles cover a wide range of Music and performing arts. The Articles have been contributed by various eminent authorities in Carnatic Music.
    Section 1:Music -Origin and Concepts; Glance at Karnatic Music; Lakshya and Lakshana in Carnatic Music, Vedic Traysvarya of the Svara saptaka
    Section II:Classicism and Tradition; The Musical propensities of Tyagaraja; Study of Tyagaraja; Study of Harikathakalakshepam, Sangita Raghavam of Ramakavi,; Patanataram A Study; Look at Ragalakshana,; Sisya parampara of Musical trinity
    Section III: Science of Music; Music and Mathematics; Anatomy of voice in Music; what makes a Hall good
    Section IV: Voice and Rhythm A study of East and West; Voice Culture in Western Music; Indian and Western Rhythm; Rhythm; Rhythmic Pattern of Drumming System of South India,
    Section V: Dance in Many splendours; Ariyar Cevai:; Kerala Theatrical Arts:; Samuha Nritya in Karnataka:;Manipuri Dancing:; Odissi Dance; ;Music in Mohini Attam.; Padmasaliyar Kuuthu
    Section VI: Miscellany; Folk songs in folklore, making and Meaning of Indian Sculpture:; Arunagiri through Tholkappiam:
    1991/226 pages/81 85 381 143/$15.00

    Great Composers
    Dr.Gowrie Kuppuswamy and M.Hariharan
    Indian Music has reached its present position by the great contribution made to it by the great composers. The present volume contains a detailed analytical evaluation of the great composers of Carnatic Music. The essays have been contributed by eminent musicologists like Sambamoorthy, Dr.Raghavan, T.S.Parthasarathy etc. The essays have been arranged in such a way that they portray the evolution and development of South Indian music, from the from the 12th century composer like Jayadeva to the present 20th century. The present volume will be an important contribution to the study of Carnatic Music and will be very useful for the student as well as the lover of Carnatic Music.
    Annai Ayya - Annamalai Reddiar - Arunachala Kavi - Bhadrachala Ramadas -Chengalvaraya Sastri stri - Dharmapuri Subbayyar - Duraiswami Kavi- Ghanam Krishnayyar - Irayimman Thampi - Jayadeva - Karur Chinna Devudu -Kothavasal Ventatrama Iyer - KotiswaraIyer - Krishnaswami Iyer-Kshetragna-Kunrakudi Krishnayyar -Lakshmanam Krishnayyar-Lakshmanam Pillai. T-Mahavaidyanatha Iyer -Marimuthu Pillai - Mathrubhuthayya-Mazhavai Chidambara Bharathi- Chidambara Bharathi-Mayuram Viswanatha Sastri-Melattur Venkatarama Sastri-Munipalle Subramonia Kavi -Muthiah Bhah Muthiah Bhagavathar-Muthuswami Dikshitar-Muttutandavar-Mysore Sadasiva Rao - Muvvanallor Subhapathayya - Mysore Vasudevacharya - Namakkal Narasimha Iyengar-Paidala Gurumurthi Sastri -Pallavi Duraiswamy Iyer-Pallavi Seshayyar-Papanasa Papanasa Mudaliar - Papanasam Sivan-Patnam Subramonia Iyer - Pattabhiramayya-Parameswara Bhagavatar-Pooshi Sr Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar-Purandaradasa-Ramaswami Sivan-Sarangapani-Siddhendra Yogi-Singaracharylu Brothers-Srinivasa Iyengar andBrothers-Srinivasa Iyengar and Krishnachariar-Subbarama Dikshitar-Subbaraya Sastri-Swati Tirunal Maharaja-Syama Syama Sastri-Tanjore Quartette - Tiger Varadachar-Toomu Narasimhadasa-Tyagaraja-Vaidiswarankoil Subbarama Iyer-Vanamamalai Brothers-Vina Seshma Iyer-Vanamamalai Brothers-Vina Seshanna-Virabhadrayya.
    1994/264 pages /81 85 381 41 0 /$8.00

    Devadasi System in Medieval Tamil Nadu
    The study covers the historical and cultural aspects of the Devadasi system as existed in medieval Tamil Nadu. Highly referenced with sources from inscriptions, primary sources like oral traditions, the study will be an important contribution to the study of the Devadasi system of Tamil Nadu and the society and religious trends that existing during the period of the study. The study covers an overall period from 300 B.C to 1800 A.D.
    1993/ 264 pages/81 85 381 321/$15.00

    Mysore as a Seat of Music
    The work starts with the historical development of the Mysore State and goes on to assess the contribution of the Wodeyars and their patronage to Music. The Vainikas who outnumbered vocalists in the court have been dealt separately giving due importance to their contribution and the growth of Lakshana during the period. The Kings who were also good musicologists, added much contribution in the field of musicology and this has been analysed. The author has brought to light much unknown facts about musicians of contemporary period as well. An excellent index of compositions of various composers in the court of Mysore have been added.
    1992/ 232 pages/81 85 381 178/$15.00

    Text Book of Comparative Music
    Dr.Gowrie Kuppuswamy & M.Hariharan
    This book provides a simple but exhaustive introduction to the study of Western music. The fundamental concepts and technical material on western music have been amply illustrated with drawings and have been designed so that the newcomers in the field of western music will find in this book all the concepts of western music treated in a lucid and simple style.
    1990/160 pages /81 85 381 070/$5.00

    Sobhillu Saptaswara - Svarali,Gitam,Prabandham, Suladi
    Micheal Nixon and Savithri Rajan
    The book contains the notation of the Fundamental svaravali, Gitam, Prabandham and Suladi in Tamil and English set in adjacent pages. A useful book for the learning of fundamentals of Carnatic Music.
    1999/208 pages / $ 8.00

    Keertana Akaradi
    In this book a comprehensive index of more than 7500 songs in Carnatic Music have been given in Tamil alphabetically indexed with the names of the raga, tala and composer. The book enables a layman to immediately recognise the tala, composer and raga of the song from the text and will be essential for every music lover or a performing artist.
    1998/81 85 381 70 4/ $5.00

    Tamil Padangal
    Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan
    This book contains Tamil Padas of various composers of Carnatic Music.. The notation has been given in simple style with the text of the songs in Tamil. The introduction contains a study of the development, literary and compositional aspects of Pada, An essential book for learners as well the practicing musician.
    1996/ $5.00

    Javali Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan
    Javalis form an important musical form in Carnatic Music. More than 40 Javalis have been notated in simple form alongwith the text of the songs. The compositions represent a collection of representative composers. The introduction traces the history, development and literary aspects of Javali. An essential book for the learners as well as the practicing musician.
    1997/164 pages/81 85 381 64 x / $5.00

    Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan
    The present edition of the book contains 35 tillanas notated in simple style in Tamil of major Carnatic composers, including contemporary composers like Lalgudi Jayaraman and Balamurali Krishna.

    Purandaradasa Compositions
    Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy and M.Hariharan
    Compositions of Purandaradasa contains compositions of the great composer Purandaradasa in Tamil with simple notation and text in Tamil. The songs have been well notated in simple style so that the beginner as well as the performing artist is able to make use of the notations.
    1997/3rd Edition/224 pages/81 85 381 372/$8.00

    Nilakanta Sivan Compositions
    Mrs.Saraswathy Ram, Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan
    Nilakanta Sivan compositions have been known for their spiritual religious and metaphysical contents. The book contains the musical compositions of the poet including Lalitha mahathyamam and Bhajana Keertanaigal in Tamil.

Books on Dance

    Approach To Bharatanatyam
    In the present volume a comprehensive and detailed approach has been made to introduce Bharatanatyam to the lay readers well the learned exponent of Bharatanatyam. The first chapter gives brief introduction of the concept of Bharatanatyam. The second chapter takes the student to different kinds of presentation of Bharatanatyam. The third chapter onwards different technical details of Bharatanatyam like Adavus, Charis/gathis, padabhedas, angaharas, Karanas, Abhinaya, Bhava, Rasa and hasthas, Forms of Bharatanatyam have been given. The last chapter on Forms of Bhrathanatyam different forms of dances like Alarippu, Vamam, Sabdam, Tillana, Javali etc. have been described. How they are presented in the concert etc. been described. How they are presented in the concert etc. The last chapter contains the details of ornamentation in Bharatanayam and stage lighting. The Chapter on Tala gives a bsic introduction to the artist about the tala practice for Bharatanatyam. Contains more than 200 illustrations. Each chapter is well documented and illustrated. Contents:Introduction, Evolution and Development of Bharathanatyam, Stage as designed by Bharatha, Tandava and Lasya, Nritta, Nritya and Natya: Adavus: Charis, Gatis, Utplavanas and Brhamaris, Angaharas; Padabheds; Karanas; Adbhinaya; Bhava; Nayaka Nayikabheda, Rasa; Hasthas; Forms of Bharatanatyam; Navasandhi, Costumes, Talam, Glossary; Index.
    1998/2nd Edition /192 pages/81 85 381 186/$10.00

    Studies in Folklore of Kerala
    Dr.Chummar Choondal
    This volume is a collection of essays on the various aspects of folklorist studies in Kerala. The author has attempted to throw new light on folk culture of Kerala in many ways. Readers and research scholars would find it a copious document of folklore in Kerala $5.00 Also of related Interest Research Trends in Sanskrit - A Bibliography of 5000 Doctoral dissertations presented to various Indian Universities in the areas of Sanskrit alongwith music and performing Arts.

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